Monday 20 March 2017

What I'm listening to... (March 2017)

'Telepathy' by Christina Aguilera featuring Nile Rodgers
Finding its home on the soundtrack to Netflix's 'The Get Down', the pairing of Aguilera and Rodgers only tells half the story: 'Telepathy' was written by Sia Fuller - the immensely talented artist with the golden pen - and features three of the most proficient musicians from Daptone Records and Truth & Soul Records, Thomas Brenneck, Nick Movshon and Homer Steinweiss.

'This Woman's Love' by Sidibe
Taken from the digital EP 'You Got The Luck', 'This Woman's Love' is one of two tracks produced by Jack Splash and, like the rest of the EP, is rich in 80s soul and R&B.  Sidibe wears obvious comparisons with Sade comfortably but brings more than enough of her style to make her someone we should all be eager to hear more from.

'Color Blind' by October London
If you're not won over by October London's voice after 10 seconds, then nothing I write hear can possibly win you over.  This is the title track from his 'Color Blind: Love' release.  This is no vocal sample of Marvin Gaye - that's actually London!

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