Wednesday 5 April 2017

5 Songs About: Amp Fiddler (that you might not know about)

'Soul Bounce' by Collective Peace featuring Amp Fiddler
This uptempo and eclectic track with Amp Fiddler providing guest vocals had actually been floating around nearly a year before the album had found its official release last year.  Anticipation for the debut project by the independent R&B/soul band had really been propelled by the success of this song so it was excellent that it finally found a home on this release.

 'Tomorrow' by Jose James
Jose James's debut album on Blue Note Records was a crossover hit with notable inclusions from Robert Glasper, Pino Palladino, Chris Dave and Emily King, amongst others contributing to the project.  The dream pairing of James and Fiddler though brought about a real buzz with really no one expecting the exquisite ballad that we were presented with.

'Everybody' [Amp Fiddler Remix] by Courtney Jackson
From the combined singles release of Courtney Jackson and Anetria Wright with their respective songs 'Everybody' and 'Feeling of Love'.  Both produced by Amp Fiddler and both remixed by Amp Fiddler too!  We could have picked either remix for this list as they beautifully combine Fiddler's distinct Detroit style of combining soul with elements of soulful house.

'Let's Pray Together' by J Dilla featuring Amp Fiddler
Much has been made of Amp Fiddler's connection with James Yancey which makes this song particularly special.  Housed on a posthumous Dilla release 'Rebirth of Detroit' in 2012, it's such a shame we didn't have more collaborations between the two long-time friends.

'Stylin Free' by Hundred Strong featuring Amp Fiddler
One of three vocal contributions by Amp Fiddler on the Hundred Strong release 'Stylin Free' back in 2011, it's the album's title track with its super cool video which we had to include on this list.

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