Wednesday 19 April 2017

New Mix: FutureSpaceAgeFunk

Thank you for checking the mix out - this is one I've been trying to put together for a while so it's a real buzz to have it completed. What can I say, it's all in the title - "Future Space Age Funk" - we go all around the galaxy for this one with a few treats thrown in as well so I hope you enjoy.
'F.U.N.K.' - Pr!nce
-Int #1: Kirk "unknown"
'Funk for Freaks' - Basement Freaks f/t Charlie Funk
'Fall Behind' - ZULUZULUU
'ZULUZULUU meets PLANTLIFE' [IMS Mashup 'lude VI]
'Luv me (‘til it Hurts)' - Plantlife
-Int #2: 'Juju Chant #2' (Dem Juju Poets)
'Who Dare Knock' - Alan Evans Trio
'I Feel Good' [Sam Redmore Remix] - James Brown
'Make it Funky' - The Neptunes
-Int #3: The Mothership / 'Juju Chant #1'
'Road to Saturn' - Pitch & Scratch
'Cellular'/[ext] - Diamond Ortiz
-Int #4: '12 String' (Fyre Department)
'Draw Me Your Favourite Funk' - Psychic Mirrors
'Funk is Here to Stay' - Amp Fiddler
-Int #5: Snowman's Demise (The Steve McQueens)
'Niagra Song' - Twisted Tongue

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