Wednesday 25 July 2018

'Song In My Heart' by Stephanie McKay

Stephanie McKay.  With the body of work Stephanie McKay has presented over the years, hers is a name that could be held up against any other you'd offer in comparison.

Bronx-born McKay boasts a 20+ year career with three album releases (including the breakout album 'Tell It Like It Is', 2007), and countless collaborations with a who's who line-up of artists including Amp Fiddler, Ronny Jordan, Soulive and DJ Spinna.  A musician, producer, dancer, writer, Stephanie McKay has the skill and unique ability to have her voice sound at home over an acoustic guitar, the harmonies of a jazz trio, the fiery onslaught of a funk track or the otherworldly beats of a soulful house number.  It's this uncanny versatility that fans and peers resonate with solidifying her status.

In 2018, now in collaboration with the dynamic Ropeadope Records, Stephanie McKay unveils 'Song In My Heart': a five-track EP mastered by the legendary Bob Power (Grammy-winning producer noted for his work with D'Angelo, Erykah Badu and De La Soul) and produced by Adrian Harpham.

In many ways, the music here could well be described as a departure perhaps from the sounds and styles we've come to expect from McKay, but for an artist that has continually bucked trends and defied genres, the result is a natural and brilliant fit.

The CD liner notes references 'Song In My Heart' as "a new beginning" so if this is in fact representative of a new phase of McKay's career, then we wait to see what's next with great excitement.  'Song In My Heart' will carry us through until that time however.

As an added bonus, Blue-in-Green:RADIO is happy to unveil a brand new entry in our 30minuteMix selection showcasing the music of the awesome Stephanie McKay...

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