Wednesday 26 September 2018

'Undercover Mixtape' by Orgōne

The somewhat scientific, but perhaps more spiritual, concept of orgone, as developed by scientist Wilhelm Reich lay in the belief that orgone was a collection of an individual's sexual energy and that energy could be harnessed and stored through a device called the orgone accumulator. 

Now, Reich's theories were largely discredited but I'm not entirely convinced that Orgōne and Colemine Records haven't found a way of capturing this energy and presenting it through the stunning new release, 'Undercover Mixtape'.

Thirteen tracks of funk and soul greatness awaits you on the new covers album by some of LA's finest purveyors of funk and soul, now aligned with the incredible Colemine Records.  Tracks like Aretha Franklin's 'Think', Gwen McCrae's 'All This Love That I'm Giving' and Cameo's 'It's Serious' are recreated with dynamic and inspired results. 

It's genuinely an album that starts off strong with 'The Black Five' and seems to get better with each passing track - 'Melting Pot' appears just after the mid-point of the album and on first listen you'd be forgiven in thinking this is clearly the album's high-point but by the time you've reached the album's completion with 'Cosmic Slop', that's a feeling you've experienced several more times.

Adryon de León soars on lead vocals throughout with additional vocal guests Tarin Ector and Kelly Finnigan sounding excellent on their respective contributions; Mixmaster Wolf, from fellow LA-based funk collective, Breakestra, sounds as good as ever as he guests on 'The Breakdown'.

'Undercover Mixtape' has been steeped in praise since its release - not only proving to be a highlight for 2018, but deservedly ranking amongst the absolute best - if not THE best - covers album ever recorded.  Whatever it is Orgōne have managed to bottle, it's unbridled musical magic!

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