Thursday 25 October 2018


"ILL DOOTS is a group of individuals with different perspectives, from different places who want nothing more than to make good music with no rules."  As outlined on the band's Bandcamp page, this is the bold mission statement for ILL DOOTS' approach to their multi genre-encompassing sound.

Showcasing elements of hip-hop, soul and funk, this Philadelphia-based band ingeniously fuse these joyous musical styles and repackage them as something distinctly... ILL DOOTS!

With their debut full-length project released in 2018 through the incomparable Ropeadope Records, ILL DOOTS have harnessed their skills and experience formed over years of relentless touring and recording - honing their craft - and delivered a project that's quite frankly exceptional.  Produced by multi-instrumentalist Scott Ziegler and recorded in between Brooklyn and Philadelphia, the music is brought to life by band members including Ziegler, drummer Jordan McCree, saxophonist Sam Greenfield, organist Brandon Young, guitarist Anthony DeCarlo and trumpeter Joe Anderson, amongst others.  A huge array of contrasting players and perspectives all thrive and contribute to the musical gumbo that this project successfully delivers.  As the opening quote implies, with no rules you have complete freedom.

Standout tracks include 'Hue', 'Smile', 'Free' and 'Suddenly' but it's the opening few lines of the show-stealing 'Ain't No Way to Live' that linger in your conscience the most:

"This ain't no way to live,
So sometimes I wanna die,
This ain't no way to live,
So I might as well just fight, fight,
And if I'm gonna fight, I fight for what's right..."

Boasting a hefty dose of vocal contributors, from both rappers and vocalists - including Ron Draper, Khemist, The Prof. and Zeek Burse - the album acts as another string in the incredibly versatile bow of Ropeadope Records.  Continually plundering all corners to deliver untapped musical gems from across the globe, they've uncovered a real treasure here.

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