Monday 18 March 2019

Blue-in-GreenPODCAST_#9_Chelsea Wilson

Welcome to Episode_#9 of the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST which are released on the first, second and third Mondays of the month. This podcast series runs in conjunction with the online radio station, Blue-in-Green:RADIO which celebrates 21st century soul, jazz, funk, Latin & hip-hop music. These shows are designed to give you some insight into the incredible range of talented presenters we're so lucky to host from all over the world and to geek out musically with us.

This episode sees Imran venture to Melbourne, Australia, to speak with the incredibly inspirational Chelsea Wilson.  Singer, songwriter, musician, DJ, Artistic Director... an immeasurable talent that we couldn't have been happier to spend time with.  We discuss Chelsea's new album 'Chasing Gold' (which you can read our review of here), her experiences touring around the world, her love of jazz and her documentary on Kerri Biddell amongst other of her musical inspirations.

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