Friday 8 March 2019

'Hangin On' by Kyle Lacy

"I'm keeping up appearances,
Hanging on by a thread,
Still keeping it together,
I'm keeping it together."

These are the killer opening lines to the brilliant new single from Dala Records' Kyle Lacy.  Gut-wrenching words that resonate with people the world over and reminiscent of classic soul music like Smokey Robinson's unforgettable break-up number, 'The Tracks of My Tears'.

And it's certainly these classics, and others, that Lacy has turned to whether it be as just a fan or for inspiration.  Those classics like Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry... even 1950's Rockabilly has had a huge impact in shaping Lacy’s music as evident by his Harlem River Noise album ‘Currents’ (released in 2017) with collaborator Cody Gibson which further celebrates dancehall rock’n’roll and rhythm & blues music.  Such is the authenticity and commitment to traditional standards that the band’s Bandcamp page cites the ‘Currents’ album as being “recorded to 2” tape, mixed onto ¼” tape” and “mastered on a computer from the future”.

Propelling his adoration for time-honoured music even further, Kyle Lacy now finds an apt home under the roof of Brooklyn's Dala Records.

Dala – and its founder Billy Aukstik – have developed a real art form of sorts for scouting diverse and versatile talent that are always a perfect fit for the label's authentic, soulful aesthetic and captured through their distinct analog sound.  Whether it be the "folky soul" of Georgia Lee Johnson, the Northern Soul of Camellia Hartman and Mel & Kim, or this awesome brand new single.

'Hangin On' serves as a magnificent two-man performance between Lacy and Aukstik with Lacy tackling drums, bass, guitars, piano and songwriting duties, leaving Aukstik to typically excel on organ and trumpet.  It's a thrilling pairing with equally thrilling results – the combination of Lacy's poignant opening lyrics, lamenting over a portion of his life that has since passed, sitting over Aukstik's symbolic church-esque organ is magic.

Lacy later sings with touching honesty “But I keep hanging on, hanging on, I think I’m losing the fight”.  Unfortunately, these can also be gut-wrenching words that resonate with many as well which is what ultimately makes music - and this song - so special.

You can purchase 'Hangin On' by Kyle Lacy through the Dala Records store.

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