Friday 26 July 2019

'Break The Rules' by Momo Said

Italy has long been a hot-bed of emerging talent for contemporary funk and soul music.  Looking at the artists displayed through Milan's Record Kicks label for instance, including Calibro 35 and Soulful Torino Qrchestra, as well as Rome's independent underground heroes, Funkallisto.  And then there's Momo Said...

On the verge of releasing his sophomore album release entitled 'Break the Rules', the singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist officially follows up his 2013 debut, 'Spirit', spearheaded by the project's lead single 'Sunny Side Of The Street'.  Born in Morocco and subsequently raised in Cesena, Italy, Momo's "no rules" approach to free-flowing and boundary-less music results in his typical fusion of a myriad of styles throughout his music - embracing elements of soul, disco & funk resulting in infectious summer time bliss.

Released through Italy's Tam Tam Studio Recordings, 'Break The Rules' pairs Momo back up with producer and arranger, Giulio Aloisi, who - under the alias Doktor Zoil - had a big hand in Momo's 'Spirit' debut and whose musical credits stretch as far back as the late-1990s, boasting having chalked up studio time with The Maxwell Implosion, Elegante Orchestra and musician Sam Paglia.

'Break The Rules' is at its best when it adheres to its own mantra of having no restrictions - 'Time Give Lessons' is a stand out track and elegenatly enriched with lush string arrangements; second single, 'In Many Cases', soars with its versatile Latin-inspired groove, and then there's the soul-laden 'Loverman' which is an excellent centrepiece for the project.

'Break The Rules' saw its digital release in April but September sees Tam Tam Studio releasing the gatefold vinyl 6th September.

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