Monday 25 May 2020

Blue-in-Green:PODCAST #51: Tom Csatari of Uncivilized

Welcome to Episode #51 of the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST which sees Imran connect with guitarist and producer, Tom Csatari.

As founder of the New York-based jazz collective, Uncivilized, Tom and the band have released two excellent singles this year in 'Reign STOMP' and 'Yams'. Their ability to transcend musical styles to deliver music that sees them carving their own path is thrilling to watch and we're incredibly excited to have made the connection with this fantastic ensemble.

For more info on Tom and Uncivilized, please visit the band's Bandcamp page or check out Blue-in-Green:RADIO's feature on the band, 'Jazz in an Uncivilized time'.

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