Wednesday 9 September 2020

'Keep Moving' by Kyle Lacy

'Keep Moving' is the new single from the the multi-faceted singer and songwriter, Kyle Lacy.

Through Lacy's past releases, he has been incredibly adept at immersing himself within a variety of varying musical styles and genres - from his rockabilly-inspired days as one-half of Harlem River Noise with Cody Gibson to his album 'The Road To Tomorrow' released under the umbrella of Brooklyn's Dala Records.

In collaboration with Dala founder and producer, Billy Aukstik, Lacy was afforded the platform to explore what we previously described on this site as "pristine southern soul", seeking inspiration from revered soul music icons including Sam Cooke and Eddie Harris.  The gospel-inspired, old school aesthetic saw Lacy right at home as if these were shoes he had been wearing for years.  And, although backed by an incredible band - including fellow Dala Records recording artists, Mel Johnston and Kim Foxen, providing backing vocals - 'The Road To Tomorrow' still allowed Lacy the creative freedom as the project's vocalist and songwriter to further demonstrate his indelible talents on guitar, piano and bass on varying tracks throughout the album.

The excursion into the realms of classic soul music continues with Lacy's new 70's inspired single, 'Keep Moving'.

"When times are hard, I gotta keep moving; Play the part of my choosing; No matter where I am on my darkest night, if I'm moving on, everything will be alright."

A song bursting with optimism and positivity despite the scary and incredibly difficult period that inspired it.  With much of the world now starting to see an easing in quarantine restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, the impact felt globally is unlike anything the world has experienced for generations.  Which is why these precious pieces of art are of such importance.  'Keep Moving' is that reassuring smile, that much-needed hi-five and that note of encouragement created to galvanize those who find themselves defeated by the year that continues to extract a heavy toll.  And while we live in the fear that more bad news is coming, the only way forward really is to keep moving!

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