Thursday 10 September 2020

'Misunderstood' by Georgie Sweet

'Misunderstood' marks the debut album from singer and songwriter, Georgie Sweet, released through the UK's pioneering future soul label, Futuristica Music.

Having initially come up under the guidance of the inimitable Deborah Jordan, the boundless talents of Georgie Sweet have actually been bubbling away on Futuristica for a couple of years now.  After chalking up two scene-stealing guest appearances on DJ Simon S's 'Music 4 Alternative Souls' (2018) with the tracks 'Half Human' and 'Sunshine Through The Trees', Sweet's solo releases soon followed with the singles 'Here' and 'Sorry', paving the way for the 'Misunderstood' full-length.

For anyone fortunate enough to have caught any of the aforementioned releases, the news of 'Misunderstood' finally securing a release date would surely excite those completely taken in by the personality exuded by Sweet's incredible vocal.  Her natural versatility as a vocalist, creative penmanship and her overall presentation make her such a natural fit for Futuristica.

Founded by DJ and producer Simon S, the future soul label has introduced some genuinely genre-defining projects since its inception in 2006 - albums from Electric Conversation, Emanative, Kira Neris and of course Deborah Jordan have established the blueprint that make the label such a revered name within the realms of contemporary soul music.

And 'Misunderstood' is a glorious extension of that legacy.

Boasting a dream team of Futuristica talent on production duties: Simon S, Marc Rapson, Mecca:83, K15 and Theo Howarth... all masterful producers and music-makers in their own right but each with incredibly distinctive and varying styles.  Whether it be the dusty, hip-hop-inspired aesthetic of Simon S ('Half Human'), Rapson's quintessential nu-soul-sounding compositions ('Deserve Something') or K15's more electronic and otherworldly textures ('Untold'), Georgie Sweet proves to be the project's anchor in every way - able to adapt to each of these styles, unifying them all into a project that ranks incredibly high amongst Futuristica's best.

Despite possessing such a natural talent that makes what she's able to do just seem effortless, you get the sense that Sweet may not really know how good she actually is ("You will never be misunderstood; I will be the only one that's misunderstood").  Maybe that's part of her charm though?  Maybe if she did know, then something as special as the pairing with Marc Rapson for the live recording of ‘Sorry’ that closes the album would lose an element of the genuine sincerity that’s steeped within her performance.

2021 will actually mark Futuristica Music's fifteenth year of releasing music.  Amongst the label's slate of projects due for release that year, there's a selection of albums whose very timing could be perceived to be serendipitous in of itself.  Electric Conversation's La Note is due to release her new album with production from her EC band mate and long-term collaborator, As Valet; Deborah Jordan and Simon S have announced their long overdue follow-up to their revered Sun Circle album ('Reborn', 2009).  And while those aforementioned projects reward those long-time and loyal fans of the label, Georgie Sweet represents Futuristica's continual commitment to new energy, forging bonds and nurturing new talent.  If there was any artist that, at this time, could add to the flawless lineage of Futuristica's history and carry that baton to introduce the next fifteen years of the label... well the only person that it could be is Georgie Sweet.

'Misunderstood' by Georgie Sweet is available to purchase 19th October 2020.

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