Friday 7 May 2021

5 Songs About: Roph Recordings

Roph Recordings is an independent Japanese label founded by Uyama Hiroto and Koizumi Takumi which focuses on the music of DJs, musicians and producers, Uyama Hiroto and Segawa Tatsuya.  Theirs is a musical style intrinsically intertwined and if we could describe Hiroto's projects as hip-hop inspired jazz then Tatsuya would surely boast the tag line of jazz inspired hip-hop.  With their Bandcamp page serving as a veritable playground to celebrate their full-length and single releases, as part of our ongoing '5 Songs About...' series, we select five tracks from their glorious catalogue to introduce any potential new listeners to.

1. 'South Side'by Uyama Hiroto featuring Shing02

'Freeform Jazz', 2016

A glorious piece of work that is perfectly balanced between its affections for both jazz and instrumental hip-hop.  Nujabes collaborator Shing02 provides the only vocal appearance on the album and sounds so at home accompanied by Hiroto's saxophone.

2. 'Carry More' by Sagawa Tatsuya


Released as a double A side with Uyama Hiroto's 'Extension', Sagawa Tatsuya's piano-led track boasts some lush vocal samples over some fantastic drum patterns - a brilliant introduction into Tatsuya's production and musical style.

3. 'Magicnumber' by Uyama Hiroto featuring Marter


Released as part of another co-headlining single along with Segawa Tatsuya's 'Behind The Peak', this laid-back gem is an awesome standout from the label.  Truth be told, Hiroto collaborating with a few more vocalists could really lead to some incredible music.

4. 'So Long' by Sagawa Tatsuya featuring Uyama Hiroto

'Pull.In Sai', 2019

From Tatsuya's debut album which deserves a post in of itself if only for the beautiful presentation of the CD with its accompanying magazine, inlay card and exclusive bonus track.  A versatile instrumental hip-hop album with an excellent array of standouts but we've gone with this beautiful Hiroto-assisted and nostalgia-laden number.   

5. 'Compass' by Uyama Hiroto

'Freedom of the Son', 2014

A fantastic production boasting a wonderful combination of musical styles throughout - it's dance-orientated pace, lush sax and vocals throughout make for a fantastic combination from another thrilling Hiroto release.

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