Wednesday 5 May 2021

'ALG0' by Triorität

Contemporary jazz is an absolute delight. And that's a revolution in no way rooted to one person, style, group or even country. As months pass, new names seemingly continue to spring up and subsequently introduce themselves into the conversation about how exciting, innovative and inspiring contemporary jazz has become.

It's very much that novel approach that brings the best out of the genre. Much is made of the exceptional talents from the UK with names like Joe Armon-Jones, Nubya Garcia and Moses Boyd who redefine the notion of electronica within their compositions; the US continues to have labels like International Anthem and Ropeadope Records who present world class talent across a broad scope of jazz music today, and then there's the boundlessly talented artists that continue to showcase Melbourne as an awesome hub of top tier musical talent who absolutely warrant mention as well.

Jazz seems to be in this joyous space where it is almost rediscovering everything that it can achieve and it's a special thing as music fans that we get to witness through diverse and exciting releases.

Which takes us to the otherwordly German jazz trio known as Triorität.  From their introductory three-track EP, 'Skorphut' (2019), the trio's music typified the type of bold brilliance they had as a collective in presenting their vision for music with limitless possibilities.

Based in Darmstadt, Germany, cousins Gerrit Ebeling (keys) and Alexander Hoffmann (drums) would meet bassist Grégoire Pignède at a party before bonding over their like-minded approach to music-making.  With inspirations seemingly sourced from a melting pot of styles and influences including hip-hop, 80's new wave, soulful house music... it all adds up to something incredibly special.  'Skorphut' was bolstered the following year with remixes by hentzup, DJ Ion & Marshall Anderson and knowsum which although at times took a decidedly more dance-orientated approach in the finished versions, still effectively captured the unpredicatable nature of Triorität's master plan.  

Attention swiftly turned to the release of 'ALG0' with three singles unveiled in the run-up to the album's release in late-2020, this time through the group's own label home of Ouvo.  'Death Pacito' delivers as the best advertisement for what 'ALG0' is striving for - the album's opening number is indicative of the charm and personality exuded through this and subsequent tracks and although clocking in at 7 minutes 30 seconds, could easily have sat at twice that length and had the same impact.  'Seven Marmelade' warrants special mention for its infectious and undeniable groove as does the jazz-funk-esque aesthetic of 'Chromosong'.

There's something about 'ALG0' that makes it seem that Triorität have cracked the code.  It really is a fantastic project and a testament to the trio who have managed to seemingly, and effortlessly, find their voice making theirs a welcome and necessary take on the genre.  An absolute delight.

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