Thursday 2 December 2021

'All One' by The Motion Orchestra

"We don't care about formats or genres, we care about good music!"  That's the ethos that Bathurst proudly display on their Bandcamp page when attempting to unveil new music to listeners.  

True to their word, the independent, German-based record label, founded in 2018, can already boast a versatile, thrilling and dynamic catalogue thanks to the numerous releases by Renegades of Jazz, the multi-instrumentalist Teis Ortved and the electronica outfits, Keno and The Maenads.  Each of the label's projects to date have boldly and fearlessly created music free of restrictions or boundaries while confidently navigating their own path.  'All One' by The Motion Orchestra however sets the bar higher than perhaps Bathurst could have ever even imagined.

A project created by David Hanke - the mastermind behind an epic array of musical ventures including Renegades of Jazz, Dem Juju Poets, Serafin Plum, amongst so much more - The Motion Orchestra acts more so like a super group of long-time friends and collaborators all lending their talents to a project four years in the making.  Initially formed in 2017, Hanke's Motion Orchestra quartet features Andy Sells on drums, Alexander Bednasch on double-bass and strings by Mark Matthes leaving Hanke himself to tackle the production, electronics and arrangements, along with sharing the album's writing duties with Matthes.

For anyone familiar with David Hanke and either of his numerous musical outlets, you'll instantly hear the music on 'All One' is worlds apart from the funk-driven broken beats of Renegades of Jazz or Dem Juju Poets.  And "Worlds" apart would be the apt description.  The otherwordly excursions captured by The Motion Orchestra's neo-classical meets cosmic jazz aesthetic marks a real milestone moment for all involved.  In many ways, much of Hanke's music releases, under his various guises over the past few years through Bathurst, have foreshadowed a project in this vein - see the glorious 'Music Inspired By Space Tourism EP2' by Vast Voyage as an example - so the end-results in this instance must come with great pride considering how long in the works the album has actually been.

Recorded separately in varying locations over the past four years, the album genuinely boasts some exquisite compositions that sees each contributor excel in their efforts throughout.  Matthes' string arrangements really add some luxurious textures to the whole project managing to find their best life within the more stirring pieces as much as they do within the more introspective compositions.  

'All One' delivers as a glorious triumph.  A project that lends itself to rediscovery through repeated listens and an experience you'll relish each time you take it.  It really is a joy!

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