Tuesday 21 December 2021

Blue-in-Green:PODCAST #101: Monterey Jazz Festival 2021 (w/Rhonda)

Welcome to Episode #101 of the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST which sees Imran and Rhonda catch something of an impromptu conversation to discuss their respective Covid situations from different parts of the world and, on a more positive note, to discuss Rhonda's visit to the 2021 Monterey Jazz Festival.

The conversation between Imran and Rhonda was actually the prelude to the actual conversation which was to be recorded for the 90s State of Mind podcast and would have seen the duo record delve into Brandy's self-titled debut album.  You can catch that conversation, as well as other 90s album discussions, at 4ever in Electric Dreams:

And seeing as this is the final podcast before Christmas, we thought we'd inject an element of the festive season into the episode by housing Blue-in-Green's first play of Majamisty TriO's new Christmas single, 'The Days of Cakes and Christmas Trees'.  From Novi Sad, Serbia, the piano-led trio make a welcome return with the affectionate and warm compositions that have endeared the Majamisty TriO to listeners the world over.  Their genuinely incomparable ability to create music that straddles the rarely-visited space between contemporary jazz and classical music has made past releases 'Mistyland', 'LOVE' and 'Organic' genuine treasures.

Lots to get through in today's episode so we hope you enjoy the show.

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