Thursday 13 January 2022

'Live at the BBQ' by DLG 3

'Live at the BBQ' marks the new EP release from New York City-based collective, DLG 3.

Serving as the official follow-up to 'Grease Trap' which was released at the tail-end of 2019, DLG 3 continue their affections for the gritty recounting of anthemic soul numbers initially introduced to us via their debut EP.

Tracks surmising the harsh realities of street life as initially created at the hands of masters like The Crusaders & Randy Crawford, Bobby Womack and Stevie Wonder were lovingly reimagined and positioned alongside original DLG 3 recordings that, at the time of the project's release, we described as serving as something of a love letter to soul music and its icons.

'Live at the BBQ' proves to be a wonderful extension to the ideals as established through 'Grease Trap'.  With a line-up comprising of drummer Mike DeConzo, guitarist John Lynch and Eric Finland on organ, the trio offer up a real treat via these live recordings that demonstrate the band's skill as live performers and as a fiercely cohesive unit.  

The live recordings in this instance further benefit from the inclusion of Bob Franceschini - the revered saxophonist whose resume includes having toured and performed with Willie Col√≥n, Tito Puente and Paul Simon amongst many others.  And in this case, it's a really fantastic union as the four tracks presented here are wonderfully performed and, at running times that average at about 9 minutes per track, each is afforded a thrilling new life as the band allow themselves to rediscover the songs offering their own distinctive takes within these more-than-generous time frames. 

The beloved number by William DeVaughn 'Be Thankful For What You've Got' - a song that has seen itself covered numerous times by names as diverse as Massive Attack to Omar - may very well steal the show here.  Over the course of its 12 minutes run-time, the playful, almost joyous jazz-funk that is evident throughout really injects some inspired energy into the project.  Another immeasurably popular track, 'People Make The World Go Round' originally by The Stylistics is another winner and perhaps a track that would also have found a comfortable home on 'Grease Trap' in light of the song's subject matter.

'Live at the BBQ' hits as another great release for DLG 3 and their ever-expanding catalogue.  Having now cemented their talents within both the studio and the stage, it will be interesting to see what the trio unveil next and certainly interesting to catch them live should you ever be lucky enough to have the opportunity.

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