Monday 10 January 2022

'The Love-Chord' by Allie Wilding

'The Love-Chord' marks the new two-track EP release from the multi-talented Allie Wilding.

Serving as the EP's producer, composer and saxophonist, Wilding presents two fantastic tracks that really seek to forge their own musical path.  Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and now residing in Washington, the educator, writer and musician conveys such a unique perspective through her art that just bursts with creativity and personality.

As she describes via her website, "I'm interested in the intersection of storytelling and sound".  It's an inspired approach but Wilding's explorations don't necessarily end there as her genre-defying, no rules approach to music-making finds its joy within these incredible cross-sections that unify the aesthetic as a whole.  The end-result subsequently becomes this fascinating concoction of equal parts jazz, soul, electronica and hip-hop.  'Tell Me', in particular, is brilliantly reminiscent of classic 4 Hero compositions with its crashing drums, haunting vocal and trip-hop-esque soundscape all beautifully navigated by Wilding's masterful saxophone.

The official release of 'The Love-Chord' must certainly come with great excitement with it serving as the culmination of many years of work and honing of one's craft and skill.  While 'The Love-Craft' marks the official debut release for Wilding, a quick rummage through the 46 tracks(!) - currently the number at the time of this writing - on her Soundcloud page really demonstrate how long these explorations have been carried out for.  (Fingers crossed that some of these will be available for official release/download at some time as well.)  

And when considering Wilding's music to date, "explorations" seems like such an apt term - whether it's the tracks from Soundcloud or the tracks on 'The Love-Chord', everything comes together as its own exploration into new concepts and ideas.  As effortless as each track seems, nothing here is play-it-safe with Wilding clearly thrilled at the chance to walk these untrodden paths.

We're incredibly excited about the 'The Love-Chord' and more so about the wonderful mind of Allie Wilding and where her explorations will take us all next.

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