Monday 28 February 2022

'Introducing Point of Few: Live Sessions' by Point of Few

We have to confess to being embarrassingly late to the party on this one but we're no less proud to help spread the word of the awesome talents of Point of Few and their sensational release, 'Introducing Point of Few: Live Sessions'.

Released in 2020, Point of Few are a Czech jazz quartet whose blissful introduction here arrives in the form of a collection of live sessions recorded from various studios and venues.  With each song drawing inspiration from its mostly distinctive and unique surroundings, elements of the supernatural and folklore and even their affection for Radiohead, these exquisite selections showcase the band's expansive styles and disciplines across the ever-broadening scope of contemporary jazz.  From the avant-garde to improvisational compositions, the Point of Few members each share a strong penchant for the infectious groove-based, neo-soul stylings that adorn the music throughout these sessions.

Comprised of saxophonist Petr Smékal, guitarist Radim Přidal, Vlastimil Škoda on bass guitar and Marek Antoňů on drums, Point of Few present such an inspired take on their music over the album's six tracks - from the warm and intimate album opener, 'Rádiová medolie / Radio Medoly' to the nostalgia laden 'A Memory of a Fringe / Vzpomínka na ofinu' or the epic near-thirteen minutes of 'Collage'.  The aforementioned neo-soul aesthetic is really punctuated throughout these sessions resulting in some inspired interplay between the musicians predominately revolving around Přidal's guitar and some sublimely understated sax throughout.  While many of the songs excel within this mid-tempo groove, 'Ahasver' delivers its own highlight as one of the album's ballad ballads which is a beautifully composed song.

The Point of Few YouTube channel also houses some excellent videos of the sessions as they appear here with the intention of building upon the visual aesthetic of their sound as well.

There are so many exciting ideas and concepts expressed by Point of Few throughout their music that although we're incredibly late in our discovery, we're just relieved that we did in fact discover this excellent project at all and look forward to what lays next for the quartet over subsequent releases.

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