Monday 7 February 2022

New music round-up ::: February 2022


'What If Nile Rodgers and Fela Kuti Were Friends' [Jess Camilleri Remix] by All Day Breakfast Café

Looking set to capitalise upon the release of All Day Breakfast Café's debut EP 'Builders Brew' last year, the dynamic Jelly Cleaver-led ensemble now look towards the 'Builder's Brew' remix EP currently in the works.  Spearheaded by Jess Camilleri's up-beat electronica-tinged reinterpretation of 'What If Nile Rodgers and Fela Kuti Were Friends', the song's original incarnation ingeniously mused over the concept of a musical union between the two icons of their respective genres and styles thus presenting a thrilling disco-meets-afrobeat birth-child over a glorious 8-minute exploration.  Now, with the added vision of Jess Camilleri thrown into the (re)mix, the song's evolution ascends to another exciting stage solidifying her as a great name to help move the project forward particularly when considering her involvement in the original 'Builders Brew EP' which lists Camilleri as the EP's co-producer and tackling mixing duties.

News of the brilliant ensemble comprising All Day Breakfast Café returning with a new project so soon will no doubt make lots of listeners very happy so we look forward with great excitement for the fascinating new direction this suite of remixes will take the project in.

'Energy' [Blue Lab Beats Remix] by Amp Fiddler

With a track initially housed on Amp Fiddler's Bassmentality vol.3 EP from back in 2015, 'Energy' subsequently receives the remix treatment this year from the dream pairing of the Detroit music champion with London's Blue Lab Beats.  And while Fiddler is often more commonly perceived as a funk music artist, and the Blue Lab Beats duo associated with more of a jazz aesthetic, both acts share a strong affection for electronica-inspired soundscapes which is the gloriously happy medium this remix finds itself within.  Amp Fiddler's chameleon-like ability to thrive with collaborations, be them as varied as the disco boogie champion Yam Who? or the gritty funk of Will Sessions, solidify Fiddler as one of the most fascinating and inspiring artists making music today.  Here's hoping for more from the Fiddler-Beats collaboration in time to come.

'RITUALS' by smiling LIS

The new single by Stockholm's smiling LIS - better known as Liselotte Östblom - presents an exciting new dynamic to her catalogue of music releases thus far.  As a singer, songwriter and producer in her own right, Östblom has always relished the opportunity to use her platform to present varying facets of her passions and abilities - from the jazzy neo-soul of past full-length projects ('A Paintbrush Unfold', 2017) to diverse collaborations with artists like Rocket Brother, Clint Breeze and Filip Ekestubbe Trio.  New single 'RITUALS' looks to take Östblom's music into slightly new and previously unexplored directions with its off-kilter sonics and hip-hop-inspired production.  "smiling LIS" as a new moniker for Östblom makes for an exciting premise and it will be interesting to see what lays ahead for her through this new phase of musical discovery.

'Dyskusja' / 'Busz' by Henryk Debich

Envisioned as a trilogy of releases celebrating the brilliance of Henryk Debich - the founder and leader of The Lódz Orchestra of Polish Radio and Television - Astigmatic Records have paid a loving tribute to the versatile visionary.  The 7" single release 'Monika' kicked the kicked the project off followed by the nine-track full-length, 'Zabawa w ciemnosci', and now the final 7" release comprising 'Dyskusja' and 'Busz'.  With both numbers written and arranged by Jacek Malinowski with Debich serving as the orchestra's conductor, the tracks here, both recorded in 1977, veer more towards that synth-heavy disco-funk at times resembling that of a classic Blaxploitation-era soundtrack designed to reflect the tough and uncompromising US streets.  Astigmatic's releases continually demonstrate the label's passion towards global and contemporary jazz but equally their revisiting of Poland's past in this context has proved an incredibly successful outing.

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