Friday 1 April 2022

'Wind Rose' by Majamisty TriO

'Wind Rose' is the new album release from the Majamisty TriO who now boast the incredible distinction of unveiling their fourth studio album.

From the captivating imagination of Maja Alvanović, the Serbian collective sees the band leader resume duties as pianist and composer alongside trio members Ervin Malina on double bass and Lav Kovač on drums to typically remarkable effect.  

We've previously marvelled at Majamisty's innate ability to create these beautiful compositions that present the rich elegance of neo-classical pieces while still serving as inspired celebrations of ambient and free jazz.  The masterpiece that was 'Organic' (2020) beautifully captured this presentation resulting in some stunning music like the album's near nine minute centrepiece 'Jungle' and the achingly beautiful highlight in 'Longing'.

'Wind Rose' continues in the tradition of the Majamisty TriO striving to tell a different story with each of their album releases.  'Organic' (2020) presented the trio's back to basics approach to music-making, opting to keep the project guest-free and showcasing the boundless talents and abilities at their own disposal.  'Wind Rose', however, reintroduces the concept of collaboration with some noteworthy contributions from vocalist Aneta George and clarinettist Ulrich Drechsler.  George, whose voice blends beautifully with the trio's arrangements like with the track 'Echoes', likened each track on the album as if undertaking its own journey which subsequently delivers you back to your own "dimension" by the song's conclusion.  There's a poetry in that perception of the album's overall experience and one that is wholly fitting as it serves as a real testament to the album's performers and their phenomenal skill to create pieces of such transcendence.

The album opens with the majestic 'The City of Jewels' which clocks in at nine minutes and is presented in two captivating halves - the first delicately leads listeners into 'Wind Rose' courtesy of Alvanović's exquisite playing while the second half ushers in this inspired energy built upon the interplay between Malina and Kovač.  Aneta George, as mentioned earlier, skilfully embeds her vocal into the comfort of the musicians around her, never trying to outdo them, and creating such harmonious soundscapes as with the album's 'Wind Rose' title track.  And Drechsler on clarinet provides even further enticing layers to the compositions through his at times understated performances. 

Further to Aneta George's comments above regarding the journey nature of the album, she also went on to describe the Majamisty TriO's musical synergy as sounding like the same person playing through three different bodies.  Another astute observation that encapsulates the continual magic of Majamisty TriO releases.

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