Friday 29 April 2022

'Inner Peace' by Matt Wilde featuring Natty Reeves

We're approaching a year since Matt Wilde released his debut four-track EP, 'Believe in Things', through the DeepMatter subsidiary label, Root Records.  Through a brilliant collection of tracks, the Manchester-based pianist and composer ushered in an inspired perspective of intricately woven, multi-textured compositions that celebrated hip-hop's influence on contemporary UK jazz.

Far from resting on his laurels however, 'Believe in Things' was very much just the start of an incredible year that has, to date, resulted in a further five single releases which is a staggering achievement.  Wilde's homage to the legendary J Dilla swiftly followed courtesy of the single 'Dilla Impresses Me' which tips the hat to Dilla's own tribute to Ahmad Jamal's 'The Awakening', reimagined as 'Ahmad Impresses Me'.  It was a track that took Wilde, a burgeoning Dilla fan, into the realms of jazz as the wonders of Ahmad Jamal were subsequently treasures now at his disposal.

It's these deeply personal touches that Wilde introduces to his music that make the end-results so endearing.  His continued enthusiasm and commitment to his craft have resulted in some wonderful pieces as exemplified by the subsequent singles 'Beaches Waving', 'Remote Planet' and 'Better Worlds' which have each benefitted from some incredible musical collaborations.

Trombonist Rosie Turton features on 'Dilla Impresses Me' and 'Remote Planet'; drummer with The Mouse Outfit and 8 Gold Rings, Joe Luckin, plays drums on several of Wilde's releases and French duo Kissamilé provide a lush, understated vocal on the single 'Better Worlds'.

Current release, 'Inner Peace', features 'Believe in Things' drummer, Oscar Ogden, and the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Natty Reeves guesting on guitar for this three-minute wonder which continues Wilde's explorations into the realms of hip-hop inspired jazz compositions.  Reeves' guitar provides a nice new dimension to the single offset beautifully against Wilde's typical elegance on the keys.

With more projects in the works for Matt Wilde this year, his music continues to shine and deliver upon the standard as established through 'Believe in Things'.  As we wish that EP a happy anniversary, we continue to look forward with excitement as Wilde's career continues to thrive.

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