Friday 6 May 2022

'Moonlight Is Our Sunshine' - V/A

"3AM is the hour of writers, painters, poets, musicians, silence seekers, overthinkers and creative people.  We know who you are.  We can see your light on.  Keep on keeping on."

There's an undisclosed quote I've had in the pocket for some time that just so happens to perfectly encapsulate the intentions of the latest offering from David Hanke's Bathurst label.  

'Moonlight Is Our Sunshine' is the new 12-track compilation that serves as a tribute to the unsung heroes that are the day-dreamers and the night-thinkers - be them the creatives scrounging for more time to nurture their unwavering passions or be them the worriers whose thoughts sadly weigh heavier than their eyelids.

A wonderful ensemble has been put together here featuring some incredible artists unified by their affections for multi-layered textures as part of their electronica-inspired compositions.  Even on paper, the inclusion of the Brighton-based DJ and producer, Asta Hiroki, is a dream addition and he doesn't disappoint with his sublime 'These Hands, Pt.2' submission.  Similarly with producer Tristan de Liège who, as with Hiroki, has been releasing some fantastic music in the last few years and offers a lush reinterpretation of his previously released track, 'Mbali'.  Solar Apple Quarktette's 'Do You Love Me Too', as remixed by Unforscene in this instance, is another sensational inclusion with a moody, broken beat soundscape, reminiscent of a 90's trip-hop or 4hero gem.

As well as the wealth of talent on display here, listeners are also treated to a healthy amount of David Hanke music under a variety of his own guises.  We marvelled last year about the 'All One' release by The Motion Orchestra - a project headed up by Hanke which spawned an exquisite spiritual jazz meets neo-classical aesthetic that was a real joy.  The inclusion of new song 'Clouds' continues in the same vein as 'All One' with a string-laden gem.  As well as contributions on the album by Hanke's Lehto, he also takes on the distinction of closing the album out with the lush, nearly eight minutes of 'The Evening Garden'.

Due to the very nature of this release, it should be made clear that 'Moonlight Is Our Sunshine' should in no way be considered music to fall asleep to at 3am - this is music to inspire and uplift, music to provide comfort and solace, and music to keep you company before you eventually succumb to those brief hours of slumber.

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