Wednesday 25 May 2022

Blue-in-Green:PODCAST #108: Joe Pignato of Bright Dog Red

Welcome to Episode #108 of the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST which this week sees Imran connect with Bright Dog Red's founder, drummer and bandleader, Joe Pignato.

Something of a staple to see these episodes now, this marks Joe's fourth appearance on the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST as we discuss the band's fifth album since their initial debut 'Means to the Ends' in 2018 - a remarkable statistic and a testament to the band's boundless levels of creativity.  

Renowned as an improvising collective from New York, Bright Dog Red's new album, 'Under the Porch', continues to present the band's unique vision for an all-encompassing approach to modern-day jazz celebrating inspirations from hip-hop, electronica and spiritual jazz.  Thanks to their long-running association with one of the leading labels for contemporary and forward-thinking jazz music, Ropeadope Records, Bright Dog Red continue to deliver music that both challenges and inspires and 'Under the Porch' marks an exciting inclusion within the band's ever-expanding catalogue.

We hope you enjoy this episode where we discuss the new album, the inclusion of bass icon Tim Lefebvre as part of the group's line-up as well as live performances and streaming during the pandemic.

Please click here to listen to music via the Bright Dog Red Bandcamp page.

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