Wednesday 1 June 2022

'Bits O' Honey' by Tize

'Bits O' Honey' is the new EP release from DJ and producer Tize now available via Electric Friends Music.

We've previously marvelled at the brilliance of the multi-talented South African artist and his wonderful compositions steeped within the realms of soulful house.  Starting with his debut single, 'Shining Praise', the song presented a real exquisite and meticulous vision for his own sound within the genre and laid the groundwork for an incredibly promising talent.

And it's absolutely set expectations that are on the verge of being realised through continually higher-profile platforms.  While further singles have been released direct to Tize's Bandcamp page ('Right Here' and 'In My Soul'), a variety of labels, recognising the indelible talent, have also enthusiastically sought to collaborate on projects comparatively early in his career...

Last year's 'Lost in Translation' EP was hosted by Antidote Music - a label with over ten years of history celebrating deep, soulful and afrocentric house and a label that has become adept at recognising a burgeoning talent like Tize.  This year, however, is the turn of Electric Friends Music who have the distinction of boastfully showcasing Tize's latest three-track offering in 'Bits O' Honey'.  For the label that proudly declare "We Play Different because We Think Different", it's a further high-profile acknowledgement that Tize's phenomenal talents are finding new audiences.

'Bits O' Honey' contains three tracks - 'Bits O' Honey', 'Far Out' and 'Gimme Some' - that are impeccably put together and elegant in their distinctive musical textures.  The tracks are carried along by glorious afro-centric rhythms, great use of vocal samples throughout and a masterful fusion of beats and sublime instrumentation.

Tize's latest EP release, again, sees him living up to his promise and continually forging ahead with what is sure to be an inspired career.

'Bits O' Honey' is available via Traxsource and Beatport.

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