Thursday 9 June 2022

'Resynthesis' by Jamie Leeming

'Resynthesis' is the debut full-length release from London guitarist and producer, Jamie Leeming.

Long-time followers of Leeming's music are sure to greet the news of this release with great enthusiasm as 'Resynthesis' is far from the introduction to a new artist but one already boasting an incredible amount of experience, accolades and collaborations to his name.  

The album finds its home on the revered pianist Alfa Mist's Sekito label which is a fitting home when considering the extensive list of Alfa Mist projects that have featured Leeming's indelible touch including 'Antiphon' (2017), 'Structuralism' (2019) and 'Bring Backs' (2021).  Also of note is the guitarist's contribution to Alfa Mist's rendition of Eddie Henderson's 'Galaxy' for the brilliant 'Blue Note Re:imagined 2020' project showcasing an elite selection of UK jazz acts tackling Blue Note's iconic catalogue.  

Leeming's successes continue this year with his contribution to 'JAS FIVE' - drummer Jas Kayser's breakout project released  as part of the celebrated Jazz Re:freshed series.  The release marked a notable moment in Kayser's own burgeoning career but also found Leeming as part of the release's core line-up, even warranting himself a name check in the track 'Jamie's Blues'.

Much of the joy of Leeming's music can seemingly be found within the explorative nature of it - whether that role finds the guitarist in session duties mode helping to inspire new life for a fellow artist's musical vision or whether that role finds him at the helm of his own musical project embracing the multitude of thrilling thoughts, ideas and directions at his disposal.  

Leeming's warmly-received five-track EP, 'Heartsong', unveiled as far back as 2015, introduced listeners to just a snapshot of his skill as a performer and producer, backed by an excellent array of artists and musicians; 'Flow' (2020) would demonstrate completely different facets to Leeming's music as his partnership with pianist Maria Chiara Argirò resulted in a sublime piece of work that still sought to create multi-layered compositions that went beyond any imagined limitations that the duo arrangement of guitar-piano might suggest. 

And now with 'Resynthesis', once again, Leeming embraces the challenge of reinventing himself - over the course of the album’s eight tracks, listeners are treated to otherworldly sonic explorations that boldly weave between themes and styles across broader sonic soundscapes resulting in music that is both inspired and bursting with personality.  Although a project that embraces a progressive and free-flowing approach throughout, 'Resynthesis' is very much a focused record with a clear depiction of its goals and intentions.  Exquisitely produced and executed, Leeming's vision is facilitated by some awesome names including the aforementioned Jas Kayser on drums, saxophonists Quinn Oulton and Nathaniel Facey (guesting on 'Champion' and 'Shinkansen' respectively), and vocalist Laura Groves who soars on 'Long Term Memory'.

'Resynthesis' does more than justice to Jamie Leeming's legacy to date.  His is a distinctive and unique approach to his music and one that benefits from his desire to create in exciting and innovative; 'Resynthesis' is a testament to those qualities and we certainly look forward to his future musical explorations.

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