Wednesday 20 July 2022

'Freedom Rhythm' by Giovanni Angelini

'Freedom Rhythm' marks the new album release from drummer and composer Giovanni Angelini who unveils his new project through A.MA Records.

The word "freedom" in relation to jazz has always been a fairly alluring term.  There's a great Dave Brubeck quote where he states that jazz stands for freedom, "It's supposed to be the voice of freedom: get out there and improvise, and take chances, and don't be a perfectionist - leave that to the classical musicians".

Freedom in jazz can be interpreted in numerous different ways but there's something inherently special about the term representing an unbridled joy to perform and create without constraints which Giovanni Angelini strives to capture throughout his inaugural A.MA Records release.

A graduate from the revered Conservatory of Monopoli in Italy, Angelini finds himself supported on 'Freedom Rhythm' by an excellent ensemble of musicians including Vince Abbracciante (piano), Dario Giacovelli (bass), Alberto Parmegiani (guitar), Gaetano Partipilo (sax), Giuseppe Todisco (trumpet), Antonio Fallacara (trombone) and Giovanni Astorino (cello). 

Together, the musicians create some dynamic and inspired soundscapes that convey their genuine passion for the music and their affections for a varied and diverse take on contemporary jazz.  Many of the album's tracks are teaming with energy including 'Subway' which showcases Abbracciante's electric piano which helps to infuse the track with subtle dalliances of 70's jazz-funk.  The album's opening number, 'Voyager', seems to nicely tie in to the album's accompanying artwork which helps perpetuate the notion - of not just freedom - but of exploration.  A multi-layered track that sets the tone nicely for Angelini's blueprint.

The album highlight however could quite possibly be found in 'I Need Your Smile' which features the indelible talents of Simona Severini who blesses the project with her distinct style and sublime vocal.  The track is an exquisite contribution to the album and features the band members painting a flawless and intricate backdrop for Serverini to shine over.

As exemplified by our opening Brubeck quote, freedom in this context should be likened to taking risks and having the confidence to present one's unhindered vision of their art.  A.MA Records continually provide that platform for their artists to achieve just that and have found a like-minded union with Angelini affording him the space to create and explore his own voice when it comes to making music.

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