Friday 22 July 2022

'Séquences' by Underground Canopy

'Séquences' marks the new EP release from Parisian collective Underground Canopy unveiled via the sensational MENACE recording home.

Marking an official follow-up to Underground Canopy's debut release 'Bluestaeb & S. Fidelity Present Underground Canopy' from 2020, the new EP showcases the dynamic sextet demonstrating their skill via a series of live recordings marking something of a reunion following the government-imposed quarantine period that turned the world upside down.  While, as a global society, we adapted to Zoom-based communication, home schooling, social distancing and excessive amounts of hand sanitizer, it was inspiring to see the moments of creativity that time helped to spark which brings us to the brilliant music throughout 'Séquences'.

These exquisite selections showcase the band's expansive styles and disciplines across the ever-broadening scope of contemporary jazz.  Boasting their affections for the hip-hop-inspired productions of Jay Dee to the more contemporary stylings of, say, Thundercat or Terrace Martin; Underground Canopy infuse all of these inspired elements into a series of unique and distinctive live performances that further solidify their own remarkable voice within today's jazz music scene.

With the band comprised of an exciting array of musicians including bassist Warren Dongué, Jérémy Talon on electric guitar, Jonathan Aréna on keys, trumpeter Necky Gomis and two new names to the 'Séquences' line-up in drummer Raphaël Henry and Christopher Johnson on electric guitar, Underground Canopy  present such an outstanding take on their music over the project's five tracks - from the warm and intimate EP opener 'Crépuscule' to the sublime 'Slonnie Tendo'.  As a collective, the band are able to convey so many facets and dimensions to their music from the tendency to incorporate elements of improvisation within their compositions that comfortably sit alongside the infectious groove-based, neo-soul stylings that adorn the music throughout these sessions.

A further captivating quality to the 'Séquences' project comes in the form of the accompanying music videos that are beautifully filmed and provide a genuinely captivating element to the band and their music.  Filmed as a series of single shot performances, the incredible quality really highlights the intimate nature of these sessions elevating 'Séquences' to compelling levels of creativity.

'Séquences' adds another gem within the burgeoning catalogue of Underground Canopy and MENACE Records and with the wealth of ideas and concepts expressed on this release, we look forward to the exciting directions they take their music in next.

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