Friday 17 March 2023

New music round-up ::: March 2023

'Mother Tongue' by Maya Law

'Mother Tongue' is the new single release from the incredibly talented singer, songwriter and guitarist, Maya Law.  We previously marvelled at Law's indelible talents and the exciting versatility that her releases have offered to date - with a vast array of music that has also included collaborations with Freya Roy, Gabriel Gifford and Allergy Kid, Maya Law continually proves herself to be as effective over more up-tempo and studio-based productions revelling in more hip-hop-inspired soundscapes as she does over more acoustically driven tracks like her captivating cover of The Smiths' 'There is a Light That Never Goes Out' or the sublime 'Hitchhiking'.  'Mother Tongue' serves as another exquisite entry within Maya Law's catalogue as the song pays loving homage to her mother as well as exploring the impact of that connection ultimately informing the person she is today.  Law brings such an honest approach to her music that despite her celebrated versatility, her sincerity is continually the thread that runs throughout her music and what will continually endear her music to those fortunate enough to discover it.  

'Beyond The Sky' by Pippo D'Ambrosio

Marking his second release for Italy's A.MA Records, drummer, percussionist and composer Pippo D'Ambrosio releases his new cosmic-inspired project heading up a fantastic quartet of musicians.  While this album's sensational predecessor 'A Peaceful Place' paid touching tribute to the works of Sufi poetry and cherished works by Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, Farid Ad-Din ‘Attar and Jalal al-Din Rumi exploring themes of love and divinity, D'Ambrosio turns his musical explorations from those of an intimate and personal nature to explorations of a more intercosmic space.  The ten tracks of 'Beyond The Sky' lovingly continue jazz's long lineage with space exploration as popularized by the iconic works of Sun Ra - tracks like 'Omega Nebula', 'Andromeda', 'Milky Way' and 'Black Holes' demonstrate the vast scope afforded to D'Ambrosio et al. limited only by their own imagination.

'Some Jazz Hop Vibes' by Moar & The Badlibs

Courtesy of the fine Parisian vinyl enthusiasts over at Trad Vibe Records, DJ Moar unveils his lush and sublime effort under the guise of Moar & The Badlibs.  Partnering with guitarist RĂ©mi Schnell and saxophonist Jean-Louis Potin, Moar helms - as the album's title suggests - an awesome selection of hip-hop-meets-jazz styled compositions that are ingeniously constructed.  Whether creating music as his Jay Airiness alter ego or as part of the indie-dance collective Venice Beach, Moar prolific music-making as a DJ, beat-maker, producer and remixer have always heralded incredible results and 'Some Jazz Hop Vibes' is certainly a shining example of that glorious variety he brings to his music.  With tracks just as apt for a solitary zen state at home as they are for piloting your imagination into the otherworldly cosmics, this is a fantastic project to get lost within.

'Revelations' by Angels of Libra

It's been a fantastically productive period for Hamburg's Angels of Libra following the release of their first single with vocalist Maiiah back in late 2021.  The track served as an excellent introduction to the ten-piece's interpretation of classic and psychedelic, horn-heavy soul, bursting with energy and paying respects to the genre's bygone era.  The band's versatility would continue to go on display through the release of further singles with Maiiah and a full-length album with Irish vocalist, Nathan Johnston, 'Nathan Johnston & the Angels of Libra'.  A mere five months following the latter's release, the Angels of Libra have unveiled their follow-up with 'Revelations' - a ten-track release that builds masterfully on their past work to date and opens the doors to the group incorporating new styles and inspirations.  While the Angels of Libra have more than proved their chops as floor-fillers - and continue to do so throughout 'Revelations' - the real gems here are found in the ballads like 'Where Did It All Go?' (featuring Jepka), 'In & Out' (featuring Jean Cortis) and 'Gabriel' (featuring Milo Milone).

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