Thursday 25 May 2023

'FACES' by Jesa

'FACES' marks the exciting debut EP from vocalist, writer, producer and guitarist, Jesa.

From Paris, France, and having initially trained as a jazz musician while there, expectations must surely be high for listeners who have become enthralled with Jesa's indelible talents as exemplified by her sublime introductory singles released earlier this year.

Spearheaded by the exquisitely infectious groove of lead single 'Five Little Birds' and the subsequent follow-up single 'L'​É​pine', Jesa is an artist who very much wears her influences on her sleeve.  A compassionate and earnest songwriter, she skillfully interweaves varying elements of R&B, neo-soul, jazz and even traces of acoustic folk fusing them into something distinctly her own.  And while the aforementioned singles are excellent introductions to 'FACES', each of the project's tracks are standouts in their own right: accentuated by lush textures, warm production and an enchanting vocal - hers is a captivating formula which transcends throughout the variety of tracks like the more sparse arrangement of 'Le Fruit De Ta Bouche' or the riveting and spirited conclusion of 'Oh So Blue'.

The music throughout the EP is brought to life by an excellent array of musicians including drummer Milan Tabak, Mehdi Hamidou on bass, Rémi Klein on keys and Antonin Fresson on guitar who help create a blissful sonic soundscape for the immeasurably talented artist to excel over.  Through the personality exuded by her incredible vocal, her natural versatility and creative penmanship, Jesa's releases to date have already earned her music waves of praise and plaudits.

'FACES' introduces listeners to a confident and charismatic young artist in complete creative control of her music.  Credited as the project's writer, composer and producer, 'FACES' actually reaches inspirational levels of creative success and lays the groundwork for an artist who has barely scratched the surface of what she will likely be capable of achieving.


Jesa seems poised for boundless success and - with 'FACES' now officially unveiled to the world - clearly an infinitive amount of further praise and plaudits await!

For more info on Jesa and her music, please visit the Bandcamp page or click here for other ways to hear Jesa's music.

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