Sunday 17 September 2023

'Layers' by Khalab

'Layers' marks the new album release for the immeasurably talented producer, musician and DJ, Khalab.  

With past album releases through Wonderwheel Recordings and Real World Records, it's Italy's Hyperjazz Records that now reaps the benefits of the artist's progressive and forward-thinking imagination.  As surmised on the Hyperjazz Bandcamp page: "Above usual routines, towards new heights and rituals" - words that convey the label's humility and sincerity when it comes to placing egos to one side and considering the music as paramount in the process.

Even spending just a few minutes in the company of Khalab's catalogue of music, you'll find that same level of sincerity and passion within everything the Italian artist turns his hand to.  Walking an incredibly fine line that typically finds Khalab mastering the perfect balancing act of creating music steeped within electronic foundations, boasting the sensibilities of spiritual jazz and spearheaded by African rhythms.  The predilection of Khalab's music with the over-arching Hyperjazz ethos are sentiments so intrinsically aligned that the union was bound to generate something special.

And with 'Layers', we genuinely are gifted with a project that is incredibly special.

The spirit of collaboration often serves as an integral component for Khalab's releases - whether that be via his celebrated series of album and EP projects alongside Malian percussionist, Baba Sissoko (Wonderwheel Recordings), or his 'M'berra' collaborative release with The M'berra Ensemble (Real World Records)... Khalab is seemingly at his best when surrounded with like-minded and deeply passionate artists that elevate him to higher plateaus, as he surely does for those around him as well.

'Layers' proves a wonderful next step in Khalab's quest to continually create and this album sees him usher in an A-list line-up of musicians and artists in which to bring his vision to reality.  The always sensational Yazz Ahmed, trumpet in hand, guests on the album's opening number, 'Drone Ra', while other premier UK-based talent like Tamar Osborn, Tenderlonious and Emanative are also featured amidst the collaborative dream team.  Italian drummer Tommaso Cappellato features on the sonic wonder that is 'Female Side' while Hyperjazz label-mate and saxophonist Pietro Santangelo features on a few of the album's tracks.  [Under the guise of his own quintet, we absolutely encourage you to check out Santangelo's fantastic PS5 album through Hyperjazz, 'Unconscious Collective'.]

The music across the nine-track album release is ingeniously produced and intricately composed creating a phenomenal sonic experience.  From the moody, late-night club setting of 'Conscious Friendship' to the somewhat jovial bounce of 'Acid Vaccine' and not forgetting the infectious rhythms of 'Romantic Loco'.  Brilliant.  

'Layers' marks a crowning achievement for Khalab and serves as a project that will long be held up as exemplary of his own skill and far-ranging musical ideologies.

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