Friday 29 September 2023

:n-the-m:x | September 2023 |

Welcome to our monthly mix series with each episode spotlighting 10 tracks that we were particularly excited about across various shows on Blue-in-Green:RADIO. This month showcases a selection providing a 40 minute excursion from future soul to electronica-twinged afrobeat and some brilliant left-of-centre jazz.

Music this month comes courtesy of...

'Company' by Abi Farrell

'Naima' by Leon Phal [Heavenly Sweetness]

'Rooms To Go' by Two Things of Gold [A.MA Records]

'Let Go' by Muito Kaballa featuring Reinel Bakole [Batov Records]

'The Rising Wave' by The Soul Sound Collective

'Little Steps' by KAU [sdban Records]

'Au Fonds des Boids' by LaNote [Laissedoudis Records]

'Better Views' by Klaverson [Beyond]

'Dolorous Interlude' by Richard Sears [Figureight]

'Joyful Noise' by Atlantis Jazz Ensemble [Marlow Records]

:n-the-m:x is exclusive to our Mixcloud channel so be sure to check back at the end of every month for future round-ups.

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