Thursday 23 November 2023

'The Soulful Heritage' by Irina Pavlovic

There's something fairly satisfying about the release of Irina Pavlovic's debut album, 'The Soulful Heritage', which finds its suitable home on Italy's A.MA Records.

An afternoon spent on Pavlovic's YouTube channel provides fascinating insight into an incredible musician who presents such care and dedication to her music that it was always just a matter of time before recognition on a grander scale would present itself.

With videos dating back nearly ten years, viewers/listeners will be treated to a delectable selection of live performances boasting quintet arrangements, covers, a full choir and Zoom-based collaborations, seemingly carried out at a time when live performances and social interactions in general were relegated to behind screens.  It's an impassioned chronicle of a burgeoning master of her craft and amongst the excellent videos available there is an enchanting solo recording of eventual album track 'We Had a Dream' which is just sublime.  Her exquisite playing and elegance in doing so really captures what makes 'The Soulful Heritage' such a passion project for A.MA.

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Pavlovic was initially drawn to the flute before incorporating the piano as the chief instrument within her arsenal.  Despite only now releasing her debut solo effort, Pavlovic has enjoyed a thriving music career for some years - having chalked up collaborations with the BluesTone Band, Frantissek Urlih and Joris Dudli, Pavlovic's musical adventures have further seen her grace stages across Europe including Austria, Germany, Romania and Switzerland.

The news of Pavlovic's 'Soulful Heritage' should undoubtedly be met with great excitement and when considering her invaluable contributions to Serbian jazz over the years, it's probably fair to say the progression to the spotlight of centre stage is wholly warranted and certainly due.  Along with Pavlovic's beautiful performance throughout the album, 'The Soulful Heritage' further benefits from the performances of A.MA Records label mate, trumpeter Ivan Radivojevic, saxophonist Rastko Obradovic, Corey Wilcox on trombone, Milan Nikolic on bass and Dusan Nova on drums.

The album's sensational ten tracks seems to burst with ideas and serve as a wonderful collage of styles and inspirations ranging from a quintessential jazz aesthetic to strong Afro-Cuban influences.  The vibrant album opener 'Arriba, Arriba' captures this synergy perfectly with Pavlovic and company just as effective in their ability to exude this dynamic energy as they are with another album highlight in 'Look Above' with its graceful neo-classical make-up brilliantly elevated by a gentle swing.  The release boasts the distinction of featuring US vocalist Dean Bowman whose incredible vocal is gloriously showcased on the album's title track serving as a thrilling testament to their years of musical collaboration.   

'The Soulful Heritage' is a remarkable release.  A really intriguing and fascinating album that stands as a fitting representation of Irina Pavlovic's immeasurable talent, worthy of everything she has poured into her music for years now.

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