Wednesday 7 February 2024

Blue-in-Green:PODCAST #131: Mike De Souza

Welcome to Episode #131 of the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST which this week sees Imran connect with London-based guitarist and composer, Mike De Souza.

Having just released his second full-length project at the end of 2023, 'Chrysalis' further held the distinction of having found a home on the revered Spanish label, Fresh Sound Records.  Despite being a project that initially found its life during the quarantine period, 'Chrysalis' became an album about hope through adversity and a stunning piece of work to add to De Souza's burgeoning catalogue.

With two albums and an EP ('Road Fork', 2018) now under his belt, De Souza continues to cement his name as a solo artist in his own right in addition to his already stunning résumé which includes a slew of releases via collaborative projects, session work and global touring duties.  Perhaps best known for the genre-defying Big Bad Wolf project which generated the fantastic 'Pond Life' album in 2017 and was subsequently followed by a selection of standalone singles, De Souza can further boast collaborations with Twospeak, Alex Paxton, Simon Read and Phil Meadows as well as having secured touring duties alongside the revered US trumpeter Terrence Blanchard.

We were grateful to catch-up with Mike to discuss the new album, his early connections to music and the guitar, the creative process and Big Bad Wolf.  We'd love to extend a gratious thank you to Mike for his time and for gifting us with a really fascinating conversation.

To purchase your copy of 'Chrysalis', please visit Mike's Bandcamp page.

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