Friday 23 February 2024

'La Traversee' by Daïda

Daïda's music releases have consistently proved to be the showcase for a dynamic jazz ensemble with a distinctive and unique musical vision.

While probably best wearing the tag of a jazz act, their musical make-up proves to be compounded from such an extensive smorgasbord of influences that theirs is truly an unhindered and all-encompassing vision of contemporary jazz that is just a joyous experience for a listener to immerse themselves within.

With 'La L​é​gende de Da​ï​darabotchi' serving as the band's inaugural release, the six-track project very quickly establishes Daïda's versatile sound with tracks capturing their penchant for eclectic, high energy and intricate compositions.  Daïda's first full-length would eventually follow in 'La Passion Du Cri (Kyrielle)' - equally stunning - and quickly succeeded by a range of standalone singles unveiled over a comparatively short amount of time.

Clearly in the midst of a run of booming creativity, Daïda's second full-length release comes in the form of 'La Traversee'.  As if even possible, Daïda finds ways to raise the bar even higher with a series of sensational concept-themed compositions that present their most inspired effort yet.  But for the Parisian outfit, raising the bar with each subsequent release seems like the most natural thing for the group to do.  Comprised of members Auxane Cartigny (synths), Arno de Casanove (trumpet), Antonin Fresson (guitar), Samuel F'hima (double bass) and Vincent Tortiller (drums), Daïda continue to strive for the next level through boundless imagination and indelible talent.

With tracks throughout 'La Traversee' inspired by dreams, thoughts, fears, passions and inspiration, the album potentially serves as the purest presentation of Daïda to date.  The charging unbridled energy of 'Aristie', the brilliant off-kilter clunkiness of 'La Paix Avant Le Silence' and the frenetic energy of 'Riposte' serve as just some of the phenomenal highlights throughout the album.

Bursting with personality and charm, Daïda deliver an album of brilliance and one befitting their ambitious scope. 

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