Wednesday 22 May 2024

Blue-in-Green:PODCAST #134: Benjamin Samuels

Welcome to Episode #134 of the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST which this week sees Imran connect with the Sydney-based saxophonist Benjamin Samuels.

With the release of his debut solo offering in 'Dissensation', Samuels firmly asserts himself amongst a really fascinating crop of Australian musicians keen to present inspired and broad perspectives to jazz.  Artists like Godtet, Horatio Luna and David Versace are becoming renown for their effortless ability to regard jazz as a lawless entity, free to be adapted and representative of contemporary styles and trends.  As a seasoned performer, Samuels regards the genre in the same loving context, creating a record in 'Dissensation' that thrives off of its inspirations and influences.  Having performed and toured alongside the dynamic off-beat electronica of Grouch in Dub, the tribal drum'n'bass of Seb Taylor and the global musical perspectives of Balkan Bump, Samuels has clearly relished in these experiences and fuses them all, along with so much more, into 'Dissensation' - his own perfect vision of contemporary jazz.

We were thrilled to have secured time with Benjamin to discuss the transition to band leader for his project, the Australian music scene, music in a post-quarantine time, what makes jazz jazz and of course, we explore everything that went into the making of 'Dissensation'.

To explore Benjamin's releases further and to check out the new 'Dissensation', please visit the Bandcamp page below:

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