Monday 13 May 2024

'Creole Lightening EP vol​.​1' by Queen Ci

With three releases in the space of five months, Oioji Records have made a sensational introduction to audiences through three distinct and wholly unique projects in a comparatively short space of time.

Established by Parisian DJ, producer and artist in his own right, As Valet has always displayed a clear musical vision whether that be for his own releases or when he dons his producer hat for the range of artists he's stepped behind the boards for.

As a founding member of the Futuristica four-piece, Electric Conversation were no strangers to pushing the envelope with a perspective of left-of-centre neo-soul that still resonates as innovative nearly twenty years later.  Through his run of solo releases for Futuristica and A Night on Canopy, As Valet's projects have become music explorations of their own with these explorations delving into everything from hip-hop production to cultural identity.  Releases from Oioji seek to maintain that high standard of intricate imagination and storytelling.

Through a release we covered late last year, As Valet's sublime nu-soul pairing with vocalist So-Li, 'Way Out', marked the first official introduction to Oioji; From there, we had the pairing of long-time friends As Valet with Dusty from Jazz Liberatorz for the Jaylib-esque 'Cloud Over Frequency Vol.1' which saw the duo tackle tracks by notable hip-hop luminaries including Mobb Deep and J-Cole  compiling a thirteen-track remix project and showcasing their penchant for dusty, jazz-inspired and golden era production.

Which brings us to the third release for Oioji arriving in the form of a sensational project from the La Martinique-born and multi-faceted artist, Queen Ci.  'Creole Lightening EP vol​.​1' serves as a loving tribute to Creole icon, Cécile Jean-Louis.  Perhaps better known by her stage name, Moune de Rivel, the boundlessly talented artist saw her excel as a singer, songwriter, musician, artist and actress and subsequently heralded as a beacon of inspiration for both her culture and her gender.

Queen Ci's affections find an inspired outlet through a distinctive and luxurious soulful house aesthetic.  The EP showcases Ci's wonderful attention to detail through a glorious fusion of various textures over the course of the project's five tracks.  With the songs both intimate and dancefloor-friendly, Queen Ci's 'Creole Lightening EP vol​.​1' builds wonderfully from past Oioji releases and further adds to a burgeoning catalogue of incredible music.

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