Friday 28 June 2024

:n-the-m:x | June 2024

Welcome to our monthly mix series with each episode spotlighting 10 tracks that we were particularly excited about across various shows on Blue-in-Green:RADIO. This month showcases a selection providing a 45 minute excursion from eclectic R&B to some left-field jazz and lush electronica selections.

Music this month comes courtesy of... 

'Part of Me' by Flo Perlin featuring Kaidi Akinnibi

'Undercover Lover' by Qendresa & Jamma-Dee (Extra Soul Perception)

'Closer(2U)' by Lovemuscle

'My Favourite Song' [Quiet Dawn Remix] by Ruby Wood (First Word Records)

'Terre de Champions' by Eugene Neighbrs (Oioji Records)

'Kaugummi' by KAU (Sdban Records)

'Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie' by Laraaji & Kronos Quartet (Red Hot Org)

'Hope' by Space Travelers Union (Most Least)

'Velvet Rope' [Goodmood Flip] by Goodmood (Energy Exchange Records)

'Eternal Return' by Socool (Bathurst)

:n-the-m:x is exclusive to our Mixcloud channel so be sure to check back at the end of every month for future round-ups.

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