Sunday 2 June 2024

:n-the-m:x | May 2024

Welcome to our monthly mix series with each episode spotlighting 10 tracks that we were particularly excited about across various shows on Blue-in-Green:RADIO. This month showcases a selection providing a 45 minute excursion from eclectic R&B to some lush electronica selections.

Music this month comes courtesy of... 

'Oceans' by Chiminyo

'Taking Off' by Leona Berlin

'Eclectic Soul' by DEADDREAM

'Phases of the Moon' by Sun Atlas (Mocambo Records)

'Eleven Changes' by Shljuka Quintet (A.MA Records)

'After the Rain' by Emily Francis Trio

'Rock the Boat' by L3Ni

'Karang Sari' [Lehto Remix] by Wilhelm Richard (Bathurst)

'Kat' by Socool & Ireless (Dragon Trax)

'Misie Michel' by Queen Ci (Oioji Records)

:n-the-m:x is exclusive to our Mixcloud channel so be sure to check back at the end of every month for future round-ups.

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