Monday 25 February 2013

The Sunday Soul Affair, 17/02/13

‘Goodnite Sweetheart, Goodnite’ – I thought that song choice was going to make me a legend, I really did!  I thought it would go down as the greatest curveball in the history of The Sunday Soul Affair, but I don’t think it necessarily made the impact I was hoping for – particularly when I hit play and had Curly CJ gawking back at me cheerfully boasting to have never heard the song before.

As much as a hero as Curly CJ is, and as much fun as I have hanging out with him, I do love it when he’s away and I get to fill in for his show as well – totalling a four-hour marathon session starting at 8am all the way ‘til midday.  The curveballs are a regular feature to CJ’s show, and the ultimate rule that defines a curveball as CJ would define it is ‘a song he wouldn’t normally play’.  I usually like to extend that definition into ‘a song I wouldn’t normally play… that’s going to make you smile’.  The song also has to have relevance to the genres, so obvious contenders for curveballs like ABBA, Take That, etc aren’t valid entries.

I’ve filled in for Ceej quite a few times on his show and my previous curveball submissions have included the Rocky theme song, as performed by The Menahan Street Band, ‘Licence to Kill’ by Gladys Knight (I was ‘Skyfall’ bandwagon-ing), and a mash-up of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ with the instrumental to Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ (which is actually pretty awesome!). 

‘Goodnite Sweetheart’ was recorded by The Spaniels in the 1950s and obviously popularised by the 80s classic, ‘Three Men and a Baby’ (which apparently CJ has never seen).  I am kidding a bit as it actually got a pretty good reaction from people who were tuned in.  I’ve yet to ask CJ if The Sunday Soul Affair budget will go so far as to reimburse me for the 69p I spent on the song so may have to bide my time on that one J  

In the meantime, for your listening please, feel free to regale yourselves with this wonder from The Spaniels, and, as I don’t post up The Sunday Soul Affair playlists in my forum pages, here’s the playlist from Sunday 17th February below.

Hour #1
'People Get Ready' - Curtis Mayfield
'Love Is More Than A Wedding Day' - Cody ChesnuTT
'Washed Up' - Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers
'You For Me and Me For You' - The Right Track
'Don't Waste This World Away' - Maceo & All The King's Men
'Baby This Love I Have' - AAries
'Soon I'll Be Loving You Again' - Joe
'I Can't Help It' - Soul Cycle f/t Mavis 'Swan' Poole
'This Woman's Work' [live] - Maxwell
'Still In Love With You' - Sade

Hour #2
'Show Us How You Fly' - DJ Spinna f/t Christion Ulrich
'No Disguise' - Modaji f/t Jag
'Rocking You Eternally' - Jazzanova f/t Leon Ware & Dwele
'Love and Revolution' - Nicola Conte f/t Melanie Charles
'At First Glance' - [re:jazz] f/t Mediha
'Walk On' - Chris Dave f/t Aaron Camper
'Back Stabbers' - Ronnie Foster
'Blessed is the Woman' - Shirley Brown
'Springtime Smile' - Portrait

For playlists for The Blue-in-Green Sessions, please visit the Starpoint forum pages here:

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