Monday 4 February 2013

The big time!

The above is an image of the official promo sheet that Record Kicks put together to advertise the brand new release by Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers and the group's new single, 'I'm A Good Woman'.  This promo sheet gets sent out to... well, everyone, including DJs, radio stations, magazines, etc.

And look at all those comments and quotes the label's included.  Sure are a lot.  I bet you have to be fairly important to be asked to contribute to a band's promo sheet.

Read the third one from the bottom.  The one that's attributed to 'Starpoint Radio'.  Guess who wrote that?  Guess who was asked to write that?  It was ME!  Can you believe it!?  My lack of professionalism demonstrated here aside, this is by far the coolest thing to happen to me in ages!

I'll be writing for MTV in no time! :)

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