Monday 28 January 2013

Whatever his intentions actually are when he acts, the results tend to further distance himself from his fans to the point we morph into spurned lovers.  Although we actually do cling to any new info we can get our hands on, new Prince news is often met with a wryly raised eyebrow and a standard setting of scepticism, be it a new tour, music, shutting down fan sites, etc.  In this case, however, the news is surrounding his brand new web site.

What could be wrong with that you may ask, it’s just a web site?!  Well, here’s where the scepticism kicks in:  this isn’t his first web site.  In fact, there appears to be an ever-growing list of web sites that start up then promptly close, with the most recent case being the web site that coincided with the release of his 33rd studio album, LOtUSFLOW3R (, before that was, before that was, ...  Reasons for the site's closures seem to never really be clear but the closure of the Lotus Flower site, if memory serves me correctly, tied in to now infamous comments Prince made about the 'internet being over'. 

... But here we are in 2013 and the internet is back it seems along with Prince's apparent endorsement of it.  The site seems to be in its early stages still but there is a new track featured, entitled 'Screwdriver' plus a pride-of-place placement for Andy Allo.  Prior to this site, Andy Allo's music had practically passed me by but there is an album released last year, produced by Prince. and featuring Maceo Parker and Trombone Shorty, so I'll definitely need to get my hands on that one fairly soon. 

Keep your eyes peeled for further info appearing on the Prince site and hopefully the release of a brand new album this year too!  In meantime, check the site out for yourself...


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