Thursday 17 January 2013

Tweet Tuesdays

Starting from this Sunday’s show, we’ll finally get round to playing some of the pleasant array of songs that spawned from the online bliss of ‘Tweet Tuesdays’ courtesy of an artist I’ve been carrying a torch for for some time now!  (Granted these songs have actually been online for a good few months now but it’s never too late to be put on to something new.)

Having come up from DeVante’s 90s collective, Da Bassment and Swing Mob, along with Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Ginuwine and Playa - Tweet - who was first introduced to us via her debut Timbaland-produced single, ‘Oops (Oh My)’ (the song she would describe as being about ‘self love’ although consistently denying it was about the physical act of ‘self love’ even though it oh-so-obviously was), has been in the depths of label limbo over the past five or six years.  ‘Southern Hummingbird’ was released in 2002 with the aforementioned single kicking things off, and actually being a bit misleading in terms of the music you can expect from her album.  ‘Oops’ and follow-up single, ‘Boogie Tonight’, gave the strong indication that ‘Southern Hummingbird’ was a commercial and club-friendly record, but it was actually a mature and grown-up rnb release, and it’s a shame that people may have missed out on songs like ‘My Place’, ‘Complain’ and ‘Beautiful’, which were intimate and warmly affectionate, sweet rnb-soul songs.

Her sophomore effort, ‘It’s Me Again’ came to us in 2005 and the music continued in much the same vein as its predecessor, with far less club-friendly songs, in favour of further brilliance in the form of ‘Iceberg’, ‘I’m Done’ and the sounds-like-it-wouldn’t-work-in-a-million-years sampling of the theme song to US sitcom , ‘Taxi’, which is looooooovvveeellly.

What happened after that is a little beyond me though.  I do believe ‘It’s Me Again’ may have under-performed sales wise, and there have been a number of stop-starts in terms of new material being released – singles have surfaced but perhaps haven’t picked up in the way they were hoped to.
There is some excellent news though…  2012 sees Tweet taking the proverbial bull by the proverbial horns and releasing music by herself for free.  Songs are available to download from the link below so grab them while you can…!  Fingers crossed for a full-length album on the way soon as well!!

About that 'Cab Ride' I was talking about earlier too...

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