Friday 29 August 2014

What I'm listening to...

'And So We Dance' - Kellylee Evans
Stumbled on to this gem online and bought the album it comes from, 'I Remember When', the next day.  Turns out this is from Evans's fourth album so I clearly have some catching up to do, but if the catalogue is anything like this, I imagine I'll have fun doing so...

'I Want You To Stay' - The New Mastersounds
Taken from the band's ninth studio album, 'Therapy' (released on Legere Recordings this year), this excellent number, featuring vocals by Kim Dawson, has been getting lots of plays on the show and is the standout song from a brilliant album.

'All The Critics Love You in New York' - 4St
How awesome is this?!  There's a bunch of songs I could have linked to from this SoundCloud page, and I'm sure I will do on separate occassions but, for now, I'll leave you with this fairly incredible version of Prince's classic 1980s number.  As I say, 4St's SoundCloud page has some amazing gems so please feel free to explore it...

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