Monday 1 September 2014

Monday Funday Post: 'Girl 2.0'

While my anticipation for Pharrell's 'Girl' album was immeasurably high, I have to confess that in complete honesty... the end result didn't really move me as I hoped it would.  I'm a humungous Pharrell and Chad fan (as other posts here prove) so ultimately, I'm thrilled for the huge resurgence in his star and popularity - it's also compounded with the amazing work he's actually done for other artists too so my current musical fantasy is for a Pharrell album with his vocals on the songs he produced for others.

Can you imagine what that version of 'Girl' would sound like?  Well, below is my fantasy playlist for 'Girl' featuring my favourites from 'Girl' as it was initially released...

(1) Brand New (f/t Justin Timberlake)

(2) Happy

(3) Know Who You Are (f/t Alicia Keys)

(4) Gust of Wind

(5) Blurred Lines
 Originally performed by Robin Thicke featuring TII imagine little needs to be said about this number - this is what made Pharrell an in-demand producer again and although he does include this song amongst his current live set-list, a studio version would be amazing.

(6) Get Lucky
Originally performed by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell on lead vocals with Nile Rodgers on guitar.  The song served as one of two vocal contributions Pharrell made to Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' album and catapulted Pharrell back into front-man limelight.

(7) Scream
 Originally performed by Cee Lo for a song that appears on the 'Dispicable Me 2' soundtrack.  Recent reports state that Cee Lo's camp turned down 'Happy' so I imagine they did so for this song instead.

(8) Reach Out Richard
 Originally performed by Mayer Hawthorne for his album 'Where Does This Door Go'.  I actually named this one as my song of the year last year - it serves as one of four songs Pharrell contributed to Mayer Hawthorne's album.
 (9) Wine Glass Woman
 Also originally performed by Mayer Hawthorne for his album 'Where Does This Door Go'.

(10) Love is the Answer
 Originally performed by Aloe Blacc for his album 'Lift Your Spirit'.

 (11) Can't Rely On You
 Originally performed by Paloma Faith for her album 'A Perfect Contradiction'.  Definitely an unlikely union, but that's what's great about Pharrell.  The funky guitar sounds like a James Brown riff and could have made a great addition to 'Girl 2.0' (I may need to copyright this title quick-smart!).

 (12) See That Boy Again
 Originally performed by Mary J Blige, featuring Pharrell, for the 'Think Like A Man Too' soundtrack.

(13) My Life
Originally performed by Robin Thicke for the 'Dispicable Me' soundtrack.

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