Monday 22 September 2014

What I'm listening to...

'Live Your Life' - Yuna
With production by Pharrell Williams - one of three he's made for Yuna's self-titled album - this clear winner has just made it on to our playlist and has me reaching for the rewind button every single time.

'Groovy Potential' - Prince
Shockingly, this incredible number hasn't made its way on to either the upcoming Prince or Third Eye Girl releases (currently only one week away - yay!) so although I've been rocking this one for a while, always happy to repost it as it's pretty effin brilliant!

'Smooth Operator' - Diego Fusaro
I find myself constantly enthralled with the treasures ready to be unearthed on SoundCloud, like this gem here from Diego Fusaro tackling Sade's 'Smooth Operator'.  Amongst a whole host of songs recorded and available for download, no info is actually provided about Diego other than the mysteriously self-depracting tagline of "Just a guitar player".  You're considerably way more than that my friend.

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