Monday 8 September 2014

New mix: "BinG Loves Jazz!"

I'm particularly happy to be able to pitch a new mix for you guys - first proper mix too.  While the 'Get to know' series goes from strength to strength, I've since been inspired to put together my very first mixtape comprising of fairly recent jazz numbers, which I'm hoping people will enjoy.

I'm really enthused about it and people that have grown tired of my voice on my previous recordings can rejoice as I don't actually say a single word in this at all :)

Jazz is as fresh and exciting a genre as you can get so if you're already a fan, hopefully this goes down well, but if you're someone that's always teetered on becoming one, hopefully this will make you a believer.

Full tracklist below, and as always, please feel free to check out the other shows available from our SoundCloud page:
(Blue in Green Sessions intro)
'Army of the Faithful' - David Murray Infinity Quartet f/t Gregory Porter
'Free Souls' - Nicola Conte f/t Bridgette Amofah
'Are You Ready Cat?' - Angeline Morrison
'Take 5' (Studio Rio Mix) - Dave Brubeck & Carmen McRae
(Interlude I: 'Cosmic Travels', Chris Dave)
(Interlude II: The Bahama Soul Club)
'Settle Down' (Diggs Duke Remix) - Kimbra
'Bon Bon Villa' - Soil & "Pimp" Sessions
(Interlude III: 'Maintaining Focus', Guru)
'Everybody Loves the Sunshine' - Takuya Kuroda f/t Jose James
(Interlude IV: Christina Dahl)
'Wake the Neighbours' - Kris Bowers
(Interlude V: 'Mel + O's Vibe' - Melanie Charles & The Journey)
'Nowhere to Run' - Zbonics f/t Gregory Porter
(Interlude VI: 'I Travel Home' (IMS "Black Codes" Mashed Mix), Iyeoka)
'Our Basement' - Ambrose Akinmusire f/t Becca Stevens
(Outro, Christina Dahl)

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