Friday 10 October 2014

'Forever Dreaming' by Myles Sanko [album review]

Myles Sanko epitomizes exactly the kind of artist that made me want to start writing about my passion for music.  Incredibly talented, amazing work ethic, and music that will make you want to share it with everyone you know.

Readers of the site will know we’ve toasted the talents of Myles Sanko before and were even crazy lucky to have secured an exclusive sit-down interview back in June, which you can read here.

The release of Sanko’s debut EP in 2013, ‘Born in Black & White’, laid the groundwork for an artist more than primed to make his mark amidst today’s contemporary soul scene and, through Legere Recordings, the payoff has arrived with the release of the full-length album, ‘Forever Dreaming’.   I previously described Sanko’s music as “horn-heavy, cheerfully-rousing, blissfully sweet, soul music masterfully presented by an artist adept at commanding a packed dance floor with uptempo funk numbers … while still being able to tenderly whisk you away with ballads”.  While ‘Born in Black & White’ boasted a bevy of uptempo numbers, ‘Forever Dreaming’ opts to slow things down a little while still retaining Sanko’s charm, personality and inimitable energy throughout.  

The band here are genuinely top-tier and add so much to the product rightfully warranting two pieces to demonstrate their worth without a vocal, ‘Lonely Dreamers’ and the instrumental version of ‘To My Surprise’.  Other notable songs on the release include ‘My Inspiration’, ‘So Much Indeed’ and ‘Where We Need to Be’.

I’ll leave you with the new video for the album’s title-track which I hope should justify my enthusiasm.  ‘Forever Dreaming’ is available to purchase now.

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