Friday 24 October 2014

What I'm listening to...

'What Kind of Cool' [Questlove Remix] - Cody ChesnuTT
I actually wanted to cite this song in the last 'What I'm Listening to...' post we did in September but I couldn't find the song posted then - thankfully it's here now!  This version of the song (originally from ChesnuTT's 2012 sophomore album release, 'Landing on a Hundred'), is from the 2014 EP release 'B-Sides and Remixes' features excellent production from Questlove, reigniting their famed chemistry from 'The Seed 2.0'.

'Fade Away' - Gaelle
This is from Gaelle's one-and-only album release, 'Transient', from 2004 which I've finally got round to buying.  I used to rock 'Separate Rooms' probably as far back as the album's actual release, but 'Fade Away' is the song which became the clincher.

'I Believe in You' - Black Dub
From the very cool self-titled album by Black Dub, this supergroup consists of jazz drummer Brian Blade, Daniel Lanois and vocalist Trixie Whitley.  It draws on many influences, from dub, reggae and soul.  One for good music fans!

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