Thursday 19 November 2015

'Licence to be Cruel' [Remix EP] by Julia Biel

Capping off what's been a big year for Julia Biel - following the release of her exquisite album 'Love Letters and Other Missiles' - now sees the release of the remix EP 'Licence to be Cruel'.

Taking the already versatile music from the album into wondrous new directions are producers Son Lux, Triptyc, Wu-lu, Yes King and Other Worlds; see below for the EP's full tracklist:
1. Licence To Be Cruel [Son Lux Remix]
2. You Do My Head In [Triptyc Remix]
3. We Watch The Stars [Wu-lu Remix]
4. We Watch The Stars [Yes King Remix] (f/t Soothsayers Horns)
5. Paradise [Other Worlds Remix]
The EP sees official release Friday 20th November, plus limited edition CDs are also on offer so be sure to grab those quickly as well.  The video for the Triptyc remix of 'You Do My Head In' is below for your listening pleasure and check out our super-exclusive interview with Julia from earlier this year.

'Licence to be Cruel' can be purchased from:

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